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Olfactory pyramid of Alma de Canarias Fresca

Head Note:
The essence of fresh citrus bergamia is shaded with small amounts of verbena giving at the composition a sparkling head note.

Heart Note:
The Atlantic cedar leaves give to the composition a support of freshness and persistence as well as a sea-green shade.

Base Note:
Fixative part of the fragrance is supported by the essence of sandalwood and incense providing a spicy base note.

The olfactory notes in perfumery serve to describe the smells that can be perceived when applying a perfume. The olfactory notes are divided into three classes; the head notes (perceived immediately after the application of a perfume), the heart notes (make up the central part of a perfume) and the base notes (the duration that can arrive even the day after). The combination of the three groups of notes constitutes the olfactory pyramid, which serves to describe the aromas.