Each of our product is not only imagined and created with passion in the archipelago, but it takes inspiration from it and this is the reason of the name “Alma de Canarias” (Soul of the Canary).

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A pintadera is an archaeological piece of circular shape, ceramic or boue, characterized by a geometric design, used as a mold or stamp to decorate the body, bread or fabrics.

It is typical of different prehistoric cultures, such as the aboriginal Guanches in the Canary Islands, so the pintadera inspired the Alma de Canarias logo.


Ours is a company of artisans who create with passion uniques perfumes and cosmetics products to convey feelings and emotions arising from the nature of the Canary Islands.

Islas Canarias

An archipelago of seven islands in the Atlantic Ocean is one of the most valuable ecosystems in the world, rich in unusual landscapes of unique beauty. The real charm of the Canaries is in the air, a unique blend of eucalyptus essences of rosemary, citrus and flowers.

Intense aromas, intact, pure, from which springs the natural strength of the Islands Great place to evoke feelings and discover the true scent of the wild.

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Manufactura artesanal de perfumes y productos cosméticos